Press Releases

Dear Community Partner,

Thank you for your support of NABEDC, our clients, and the American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian (AIANNH) communities we serve throughout Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and on the Navajo Nation. We are humbled by your interest in wanting to invest in us by way of a financial contribution, sponsorship, or in-kind support.

The purpose of NABEDC is to help AIANNHs start a business or grow an existing business through innovation, entrepreneurship, and strategic planning. To support our efforts and goals, from 2019 to the present we provided business development services to more than four hundred (400+) clients and community partners, and have presented and performed outreach efforts to more than one thousand (1,000) business owners to inform them about our services and communities we serve. Our outreach efforts have taken us to numerous cities and tribal communities allowing us to brand our name and define our purpose.

NABEDC also believes in a “people first” mentality, and during the COVID-19 pandemic, we teamed with community partners to collect and distribute food and personal protection equipment (PPE) to tribes, AIANNH individuals, police departments, health clinics, and numerous others. This was made possible because of the outpouring of gifts and contributions from multiple communities, as well as our presence on multiple news stations, and also because of “word of mouth” from the community.

Our investment process is different than most; you are investing in us and we want to invest in you. Investment opportunities include the following:

· Other/Customized Sponsorship – please let us know how we can assist you

· Sponsorship to assist NABEDC staff with travel to rural areas (ex. investment toward flight/car rentals, per diem, lodging, administrative fees, and other
applicable costs)

· Investment for the purchase of enhanced bid opportunities’ databases

· Facilitation of workforce development training

· Sponsorship for office supplies

We will always remain committed to fostering enhanced economic development activities, and we thank you in advance for your contribution. If you would like additional information, please contact me directly by email at or call me at (480) 343-2799.


Kaaren-Lyn Graves
NAEBDC Project Director