Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (AZHCC) is the proud recipient of the American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian (AIANNH) grant from the United States Department of Commerce, Bureau of Minority Business Development Agency. Under the AIANNH grant, the Chamber oversees activities of the NABEDC Project and provides dedicated business resources, as well as classes and one-on-one consulting services to AIANNH businesses and entrepreneurs throughout Arizona, Nevada, and Utah.

The AZHCC is one of the nation’s most inclusive, non-profit organizations with a commitment to helping diverse businesses by way of the following:

Empowering them to succeed and prosper on a local, national, and global business community platform

Providing innovative leadership and establishing long-lasting relationships in the business community, while remaining fully accountable and committed to the interests of all members and the people/organizations they serve

Valuing employees and volunteers by abiding by the belief that the success of the AZHCC depends on the success of the members, sponsors and staff and a commitment to achieving excellence by fostering a spirit of teamwork, collaboration caring and mutual respect

Offering services in the areas Economic Development, Market Intelligence, Thought Leadership, Professional Development, Advocacy, and Education; the AZHCC’s pillar’s of excellence

Providing mutual respect and embracing the business relationship acumen of different heritages/cultures as represented in their membership and communities served

The AZHCC also has a seventy (70) year history and reputation as a nationwide leader in setting the pace for business growth in today’s increasingly diversified markets. The Chamber’s mission statement is also reflective of the vision, mission, and strategies of the MBDA and further the AIANNH project.

For additional information about the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, please contact Christina Gonzalez, Director of Marketing & Operations at /(602) 279-1800 or contact Kaaren-Lyn Graves, Project Director of NABEDC at / (480) 343-2799.