Felila Thompson-Moreno is the owner of Warrior Legacy. Founded in 2016, Warrior Legacy is a small business that has seen a few changes throughout its existence. A member of the NABEDC Community since 2021, Warrior Legacy is going from Printshop to Community Advocate and Support Organization. They’re changing their services to focus more on serving the community and families in need.

In 2013 Felila, who is of Samoan and Tongan decent, un-expectantly lost a child just after birth. “We lost our baby boy due to complications found hours before birth. It was one of the hardest things I have ever experienced in my life. I felt so lost during his funeral services and I ached for the families across the world that had to go through this horrible trial, or any kind of medical care with their children.” Said Felila. She continued, “Then, in September of 2014, I received news that a family friend and his wife had just given birth to a baby girl, but she had extensive health issues and they were doing all they could to keep her alive and medically cared for. One day, my husband came home from work and I said that he was going to host a walk (fundraiser) to help the baby girl’s family.”

Motivated by her husband’s desire to help the family and her own understanding of what the little girl’s parents must have been feeling, Felila drafted a donation letter explaining their cause to local businesses. She also decided to have t-shirts made up for the Walk Fundraiser participants and make a few extra to sell to raise more money.

“So, off I went. Planning. Organizing. Calling. Writing. Recruiting friends to join my planning committee. Networking with my sister to design the logo for the shirts. I can still remember the incredible feeling of inspiration and determination I had during those three weeks. I’m sure there was some divine intervention as well…The fundraiser pulled me out of one of the thickest fogs of my life and there was something about the creation of shirts with a logo honoring our son, while serving a bigger purpose for a family in need.”

Her 2014 experience provided the rough outline Felila would later use to form her Warrior Legacy printing company. “By 2016 my children were in school most of the day, but I wanted a flexible schedule to be there for them after school, for school field trips, summer vacations, etc.,”. Less than a month later, Felila says she and her family were loading screen printing equipment onto the bed of their truck. One of Felila’s major successes is that she was able to quickly establish supplier accounts with major apparel companies. It was an incredible start for this new family Silk Screening business, Warrior Legacy. “The name of our company was inspired by our Baby boy who passed in 2013.” She says. “We named him Tamatoa, it means boy warrior in the Samoan language).”

Warrior Legacy is a true family affair. While Felila is the only official employee, often working 22 hours straight, to meet deadlines and ensure quality, the entire family plays a part. Her husband regularly helps her meet her deadlines, “Customer satisfaction was a huge deal to us, and I wanted every customer to be elated with their final product. We had the privilege of creating designs for Summer youth camps, local fire departments, schools, sports leagues, dentists, bands, and our favorite, family reunions shirts.

Each design was customized with their desired logo on t-shirts, sweatshirts, pillowcases, bags, etc. My husband, our sons, and I spent many nights working out of our garage. It was a family thing, and it taught my other two children the value of hard work and organization. My husband even worked with my sister to design our company logos. Our friends and family members asked to purchase our “company” shirts simply because they knew the meaning behind the name.” It was this family dynamic and support from friends that secured the Warrior Legacy
mantra that guides their work to this day, “Humility. Heritage. Heart.”

For Felila the best part of the business is getting to know her customers. “We have met some of the most incredible people… it is always a pleasure to share the meaning behind our company name, Warrior Legacy. Felila and her family found themselves in warrior mode once again in the summer  of 2019, when their eldest son fell extremely ill. “During that same time, I was personally diagnosed with severe mental illness and was supported by family members who took shifts at the hospital to care for my son while my husband took me to my doctor appointment.” She says.  “Our son’s treatment did not go as planned as his body is still fighting the disease that he was diagnosed with in August of 2019. As a result of this, not only he, but other members of our family have struggled with various forms of mental illness…” In April of 2021 Felila and the family made the decision to relaunch Warrior Legacy, with a new purpose. “Warrior Legacy is shifting focus. We want to meet the needs of mothers and children who fight every day to be a Warrior in this World. Stay tuned in to WarriorLegacy.Net as we journey into new phases of services”

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